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179 Pallet Jack Special

$179.00 Pallet Jacks with a 5,500 lbs capacity!
I Series Storage Rack Upright Frame

Designed to interchange with most teardrop designs on the market today.
192S Medium Duty Steel Roller Gravity Conveyors - 12 Ga. Rollers

Ships in 24hours!
FOB Points all over the US!
We have shipping points ALL OVER the United States and Canada! We are headquartered in Portland, OR with many shipping locations on the East Coast, Midwest, the South as well as the West Coast! Call 1-800-338-1382
Thousands of items IN STOCK!!
Lyon Cabinets from Material Flow

Material Flow carries the full line of Lyon Cabinets including: Lyon Economy Cabinets, Lyon Bin Cabinets, Lyon All Welded Cabinets, Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinets and Lyon Visible Storage Cabinets. Lyon Cabinets are well known for their high quality construction and attractive designs. Lyon Cabinets come in a multitude of colors and styles.
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